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F. Megumi Kivuva, Jayne Everson, Camilo De Haro, Amy Ko. Culture-Centric Computational Embroidery, SIGCSE 2024 [BEST PAPER AWARD]

F. Megumi Kivuva, Keith O’Hara, Amy Ko. Exploring Identity through Computing Integration in a Spanish Language & Literature Class, RESEPCT June 2023.

Alannah Olsen, Benjamin Xie, Jean Salac, Jayne Everson, F. Megumi Kivuva, Amy Ko. A Decade of Demographics in Computing Education Research: A Critical Review of Trends in Collection, Reporting, and Use, ICER 2022

Jayne Everson, F. Megumi Kivuva, Amy Ko. “A key to reducing inequities in like, AI, is by reducing inequities everywhere first”: Emerging Critical Consciousness in a Co-Constructed Secondary CS Classroom, SIGCSE 2022 [BEST PAPER AWARD]

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